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Skin tags are soft harmless growths that often have a stalk. They can appear just about anywhere on the body, especially in moist areas where skin frequently rubs against other skin or clothing.

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are small, flesh-coloured benign skin growths that tend to occur in moist areas where skin frequently rubs against other skin or clothing, such as:

  • Eyelids
  • Neck
  • Armpits
  • Groin Folds
  • Under the breasts

Skin tags are not dangerous, but they are usually removed for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons.

What causes skin tags?

It is not known exactly what causes skin tags, however, the following factors may play a role:

  • Irritation from skin rubbing together
  • Human papillomavirus (wart virus)
  • High levels of growth factors (during pregnancy or in gigantism)

How are skin tags treated?

You should consult with board-certified dermatologists at the Canadian Dermatology Centre in Toronto for all of your skin tag treatment options. During your private consultation, they will go over with you in detail all of your options (see below) and answer any questions you may have.

  • Cryotherapy (freezing)
  • Surgical excision

We strongly advise against using home remedy solutions for skin tag removal as we have observed aesthetically poor results, such as scarring and skin discolouration.

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